11831721_931640880226428_272744615542304707_nSkydynamix and Aerial Systems was founded in 2015 and is the only Unmanned Aerial Systems company in the Garden Route offering a variety of services.



We provide services for the following industries
• Aerial Video and Photography for tourism, retail industry
• Aerial surveys of pylons and cable routes and thermal inspections for utilities companies
• Surveys of telecom masts for wireless industry and telecom industry
• Aerial inspection of development land and construction sites (Orthomosaics, DEM, 3D)
• Roof top inspections utilizing visual & thermal cameras for property owners and insurance assessors
• Bridge and infrastructure Inspections
• Mapping of agricultural land to determine crop health using multi-spectral cameras
• Wildlife tracking for the game farm industry

Skydynamix has many years of technology experience and has certified users in GIS Packages and Photogrammetic software.
Currently the team consists out of four staff members which include skilled pilots, camera operators and image and data analysis..

Physical Address:
149 Park Road
George 6529

Phone: 044 8057170

Email: info@skydynamix.com

Website:  www.skydynamix.com