There is absolutely no doubt that we live in the most beautiful part of South Africa, with the widest range of landscapes to satisfy every desire – whether you’re wanting the proverbial beach holiday, hiking through mountain trails, into caves, under thick forest canopies, boating across lagoons and oceans, and many many more .. the Garden Route and Klein Karoo is the place to be!

We would like to populate this section with your photos of these stunning places – so please send us your favourite pics, whether it be landscape, wildlife or the great venues and establishments we have on offer … your name will be credited to the photograph, and who knows, when we start looking for people to give some lucky prizes to, it could just be you!

Follow the drop-down links to specific areas, and keep an eye open for the Tripod Tours competition coming soon!

You can send us your pics, either to:  or upload to our Facebook page, with the HASHTAG  #GRKKPass