Eden Community Hope Outreach (ECHO)

Eden Community Hope Outreach (ECHO) is our non-profit company which was formed to alleviate poverty within our community by tackling sustainable ways of achieving this ultimate goal.

Our involvement with various skills development programmes is an excellent way to empower our people long-term. With funding from the Garden Route & Klein Karoo Pass, ECHO will endeavour to support skills development and training programmes in various avenues of tourism, in order to enable the local population to be more equipped to get involved in the industry.

Groups and individuals will also be offered opportunities through arranged local tours to visit tourist attractions in the area through ECHO funding. A large percentage of the community has no access to our local attractions, and it is hoped that this will foster an interest and awareness of the importance of the environment and the tourism industry.

Opportunities will also be sought out and offered to informal entrepreneurs in the arts and crafts field as part of a tourism upliftment and development programme.