The GR&KK Pass is a Discount Pass which promotes and encourages local tourism, and generates funds for Skills Development and tourism awareness to all communities. The concept of a Discount Card has already proven its value across the world in tourist destinations such as New York, London, and Germany. The Pass is proudly presented by local residents at all the amazing establishments that offer exciting opportunities to experience the region, whether it be a great cappuccino, feeding elephants or taking to the skies as a paraglider, predominantly during off-peak seasons.

The ‘credit-card’ style card, purchased by local residents, is a passport to present at all participating establishments, especially during off-peak seasons. The obligation from partner businesses is to provide cardholders with discounted rates. Also, regular monthly competitions and lucky draws, as well as special weekends and dates, are added benefits for pass-holders…read more

Why not take your GR&KK Pass on holiday with you and present at these exciting venues to also benefit from special price opportunities and benefits…

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